Glass King and Mirror have 42 years of experience in manufacturing bespoke glass furniture.

Keeping quality and safety in mind at all times, our skilled Design Team and craftsmen fuse innovative thinking with up-to-date techniques to manufacture glass furniture to your specifications and design using safety glass and a specialised UV bonding process and non-acetic silicone

The UV bonding process is a process whereby glass is glued together using a UV curing adhesive which is activated by either a UV activator or a UV light. This technique ensures seamless joins in the glass producing a smooth and professional finish to which the non-acetic silicone provides a neutral cure and releases a non-acidic substance during the curing process.

With our Team of experts on hand to assist you with each stage from choosing your perfect design through to correct sizing and final finishes, let us assist you to create the finest glass furniture for your home or office space.

  • Side tables to compliment lounge and bedroom furniture
  • Coffee tables
  • Dining room tables up to 8 seater
  • Glass shelving – manufacture and install
  • Glass display units for home use and commercial use such as store display units
  • Coloured glass furniture
  • Glass table and desk tops and much more

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