From a small decorative mirror to a full-length wall mirror, Glass King and Mirror custom make mirrors in all shapes and sizes to fit in with your design and style ideas and to your specifications and requirements including, but not limited to:

  • Designer mirrors
  • Beveled mirrors
  • Studio and Gym mirrors
  • Home and Office mirrors
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Ceiling to floor mirrors
  • bronze, silver and grey mirrors and much more

The official definition of a mirror that it is a “flat piece of glass which reflects light, so that when you look in it you see yourself reflected” but in the real world, a mirror is so much more.

A mirror in front of us shows a reflection of who we are, but when mirrored glass detail or decoration is added into a home or office space, it adds depth and sophistication making the room more welcoming. In a smaller area, mirrors create the illusion of space while adding light and decoration

A mirror is an expression of perfection. The slightest imperfection or impurity on the glass makes ripples on the mirror and distorts the reflection which is why we pay special attention to the glass sheets that we use to make a mirror, ensuring that they are flat, durable and polished to perfection

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